The Dream Team

Our design team is made of up two friends: Richard and Story.
We build business together.


Story’s always been an artist – but a nerd? That took a little longer.

In fact, Story didn’t really begin her nerdy journey into design and technology until she developed a strong dislike for her new Apple computer, all the way back in 1999.

It was a top-of-the-line Apple G4 tower that was only used for attempting to send email and for typing up University assignments (although she’s never admitted to Richard which font she’d use).

The computer was no slouch, however, and though Story may not have realized the power of the tool on her desk, it wasn’t long before someone else noticed it sitting there.

Thanks to Richard’s influence – they met sometime during University – Story began to understand the potential of using a computer to create and to build, rather than using it as a massively heavy door-stop that would occasionally offer a whale-like distress call via its dial-up modem.

That’s one version of “Richard the Brave”, really. The knight in shining armour, willing to risk sanity and sleep to help a friend with her computer woes.

The relationship grew. Story soon hired Richard as the designer for her other business, Natural Growth Music Lessons, and was ultimately pulled deeper and deeper into his world of pixels and code. Now it’s 2013 and the fun’s really starting.

After years of working together it only made sense to run a business together. The only real wonder is why Richard the Brave didn’t officially begin sooner.


The namesake of the company, Richard’s bravery began at a young age.

Sure, Richard began sketching and doodling as soon as he could grip a crayon – but it likely wasn’t until the Winter of 1990 that the person who would become “Richard the Brave” actually emerged.

Santa was kind that year: Richard unwrapped an IBM386 personal computer, complete with MS-DOS and a colour monitor (he was hoping for a SEGA, but that’s not how life works).

And though he’s never stopped drawing, it wasn’t long before the young Richard traded in his severely ink-smudged left hand for the calming clickety-clack of a keyboard.

And so it went on. The elementary school Richard happened to attend had the only real computer lab in the district; high-school offered 3D modelling, drafting, and basic programming classes, all as part of the regular curriculum; Richard was hooked.

Fast-forward to Richard’s first job and his first purchase with the savings – a custom-built computer that would regularly get priority over friends, family, and significant others.

And then Richard met Story. These were two very, very, different people – but something kept bringing them back together. They worked together to build Story’s music lesson business, and soon found that collaboration came easily between the pair.

The friendship would grow for nearly a decade, ultimately leading to the creative yin/yang that is Richard the Brave.

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Welcome To Our World Of Collaboration & Creation

How it began.

The company might be new, but Richard the Brave has existed in spirit since the late 1990s.

As you can probably tell from our bios above, we’ve never been ones to shy away from art or computers – but we haven’t always been full-time designers and developers either. In fact, Story’s taught over 12,000 personal music lessons on the piano, guitar, and various other instruments (she’s not done, either), while Richard spent nearly a decade working in retail – all before officially starting Richard the Brave.

Since our very first paid design contract, well over ten years ago, Richard the Brave has worked with countless clients – although not always under the RTB brand. We did a lot of these projects while we attended and graduated from University, and we did even more of them while working “regular” jobs as the primary means to pay the bills.

As we logged more and more projects under our belt, however, we couldn’t help but feel, deep down, that our market could benefit greatly from a more professional, and more relationship-focused approach to web design (and graphic design in general).

And we bet the farm on that feeling.

We took the next exit off of the ‘Highway of Stability’, directly onto the bumpy, log-strewn ‘Path to our Dreams’: Richard the Brave officially launched as a full-time company in early 2013.

And even though it feels like we should be celebrating our 15-year anniversary rather than our grand opening, we just couldn’t be happier to be here.

We’re for hire.

If you’re looking for a design company that builds relationships – and not just design projects – you’re in the right place. Contact Richard or Story any time to arrange a free consultation and estimate.

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