Websites That Work

We’re not just going to build your website.
We’re going to build your business.

We Are Richard the Brave

Richard the Brave is a humble website & print design studio run by two artists in Nanaimo, BC.

We’re always building – and we don’t just mean building websites or ad campaigns. We build relationships. We build businesses. We build the local economy.

We like to build – it allows us to meet a lot of cool people, and make a lot of new friends. We learn about how other entrepreneurs succeed and struggle, and figure out where we can help the most.

We love to help – and one of the things that you’ll love is our ability to provide a seamless and friendly design process – without getting lost in jargon.

We build it all – if you’re looking for any manner of affordable, boutique-quality design services (such as those listed below), contact us for a free consultation.

We’re for hire.

Contact us with your quote requests, questions, or thoughts on life – all via our super-speedy online contact form.

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We’re really good at handcrafting websites that work. If you need a website, you should definitely contact us Smiley speech bubble

Richard the Brave is based out of Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia.

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