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We build fast, beautiful, and intuitive websites for passionate people who want to be successful online.

Based on Vancouver Island • We work with people around the world and with local clients here in Nanaimo BC.

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Working with Richard the Brave

Our clients come from all walks of life.

They’re doctors and farmers, therapists and fence-builders. They sell landscape supplies, and hand-craft snare drums. They provide health care services, and train our four-legged friends.

Some of our clients know a lot about technology. Others are self-described technophobes.

Some clients are nervously starting their first business. Others are firmly established in the community.

Some clients know exactly what they want. Others approach us overwhelmed, with no idea of how to start.

Our clients certainly have very different backgrounds, personalities, and goals.

But they also share at least one common quality:

They care.

So don't worry about your own background, or your technical know-how (or lack thereof).

As long as you’re passionate – or you want to work with a team who is – we’ll be a great fit.


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  • K9 Connect
    This website and logo project required a quick turnaround to help a new dog training company get off the ground ASAP. We started from scratch, and still had K9 Connect branded and online in under 4 weeks.
  • Daniel (T’agyol) Adler Clinic
    Veteran Toronto-based pracitioner T’agyol (Daniel) Adler came to us looking to build a website that reflected his traditional East Asian medicine practice. From the logomark to the site, we loved working with such a mindful individual.
  • Catherine Walton, RMT
    As a solo RMT working within a larger clinic, Catherine needed a website to replace her old one-pager that would effectively highlight her own unique services and style to clients and clinics alike.

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  • Why hire a designer instead of using a DIY system like WIX?

    Because you want to be competitive.

    Here’s a scenario we see all the time: a client comes to us who took a DIY-route to get a website, and they need help. Maybe they used WIX or Squarespace. Maybe they had a friend give them a hand.

    But their site is performing poorly, and they’re frustrated. It doesn't appear in any search results. It looks terrible on smartphones. It’s slow. The template doesn’t suit their brand quite right.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    They don’t realize how much is broken at a technical level. They don’t realize the choices they made when building the site negatively affected search engine visibility. They don’t realize how the language they use is helping or hindering the flow of converting visitors to customers.

    But is it any wonder? Websites are complex. Building websites isn't their area of expertise.

    Think about it this way: Canadian Tire sells all the tools you need to fix your car. But does that mean you should skip the mechanic and just DIY it when something goes wrong?

    Of course not. So why is it different with something as important as your company’s website?

    The online world is tough. Competition is strong. Building and managing websites is complex.

    If you want to be successful online, you need to also be competitive online.

    And to be competitive, we think you need the expertise of a professional who has your best interests in mind.

  • How long does it take to build a website?

    6 to 8 weeks is a common, start-to-finish timeline for a website project.

    The scale and complexity of the website will also affect the overall timeline.

    6-8 weeks is typical for a small business website for a local company with a brick-and-mortar presence. The development time for a large online store, on the other hand, would be considerably more.

    At the beginning of your project, we will agree to a series of milestones in order to set clear expectations and keep your project on track.