Client reviews

  • Angie Gignac, Violet Hair Lounge

    I moved my salon to a new location, so I needed a fresh new look.

    I was super nervous to rebrand. What if I hate it?

    Not only did Richard and Story make me feel super comfortable with the process, I had the difficult job of choosing between the versatile designs they came up with. I loved them all.

    I enjoyed working with them so much I kept the projects going. Business cards, promo cards, an amazing sign and more projects on the way. I get compliments on my logo every day.

    Angie Gignac Violet Hair Lounge
  • Lindsey Brimble, The Mahle House Restaurant

    I just wanted to thank you two for such a wonderful experience! The hand-holding and gentle nudges were exactly what was needed!! The website is beautiful and functions so nicely.

    Lindsey Brimble The Mahle House Restaurant
  • Catherine Walton, Catherine Walton, RMT

    Richard and Story are wonderful people and exceptionally talented at what they do!

    Knowing others who have had their websites designed by them, I knew exactly who to turn to when I needed one. They are always creative, patient, attentive listeners, and true professionals. Our working relationship has been fantastic, and I know I can always depend on them.

    If you want a beautiful website, I wholeheartedly recommend Richard and Story.

    Catherine Walton Catherine Walton, RMT
  • Jacky Dee, Dee’s Dogs

    I thoroughly recommend anyone needing websites to go straight to Richard the Brave. Richard and Story were powerful partners in walking me through a process I was overwhelmed by as a small business owner needing my first website! Their hands on, kind, intelligent, and creative approaches were exactly what I needed. Every step of the way I felt heard, respected, and supported in this Epic Journey.

    It’s the little things that count when you are a small business owner spending money on things that go into the digital ether, and Richard the Brave knew how to lead me through the process with courage and patience, even when I was stressed out! Their suggestions were always amazing, and when I was being picky they were understanding and came up with brilliant Solutions.

    At the same time Richard and Story were realistic when they needed to be with me, since this was my first foray into having a website. Since it’s launch, my online presence has skyrocketed. Prospective clients find me with ease, and so many of their questions are answered before they even send me an email or call! It is amazing what a beautiful informative website will do for your business! Don’t Think Twice if you need an experienced team to build a website, go right away to Richard the Brave.

    Jacky Dee Dee’s Dogs
  • T’agyol (Daniel) Adler, Daniel Adler Clinic

    You have both been so kind, patient, gentle with me and through this process. What you don’t know is that the last two years have been a significant time of change and upheaval for me in my professional-spiritual life. Working with the two of you and how sensitive you have been with me means more than you can know.

    I feel heard and understood and you have helped me bring out parts of myself that I would never have been able to alone. It’s been the most intimate long distance relationship!! And I am so grateful.

    T’agyol (Daniel) Adler Daniel Adler Clinic
  • Dr. David Helmkay, SouthCare Chiropractic

    Thank you both. I'm amazed at your preparation and the preliminary work done to prepare for the meeting. It's refreshing to have expectations exceeded rather than the opposite.

    Dr. David Helmkay SouthCare Chiropractic
  • Dr. Klaus Protzer, Applecross Dental

    I highly recommend Richard and Story. Stumbled upon them by chance through mutual friends. They are local, have the qualifications, come recommended.

    My first impression (and second and third): smart, focused, brainy(!), sense of humour, diligent. A lot of communication. Creative. Attention to detail. Excellent ideas. Open to suggestions. NOT cookie cutter.

    I was aware that our website would not be an easy task. A ton of details. Not mainstream. I am very particular and expect the best. Richard and Story pulled it off. They delivered. All in all a 12 out of 10 - well done!

    Dr. Klaus Protzer Applecross Dental
  • Tom W. Parkin, Tom W. Parkin

    Design looks great! I get more excited every day. You’ve got a winner on your hands! You guys are amazing, and I will be very proud to display this creative work to the world.

    Tom W. Parkin Tom W. Parkin
  • Murray & Betty McNab, McNab’s Corn Maze & Produce Farm

    We hear every day about the great web site, even Betty’s 86 year old dad in Ontario loves it!

    Can't say thank you often enough.

    Murray & Betty McNab McNab’s Corn Maze & Produce Farm
  • Craig Reimer, R-U Computing Co. Ltd.

    Thoughtful and professional. From first introductions to the design and branding process to support; Richard and Story have always been quick to understand and accommodate us. Their comprehensive, detail oriented style of communication is second to none.

    Craig Reimer R-U Computing Co. Ltd.
  • Yvonne Osondu, RMT, Reflexology & Shiatsu Services of Toronto

    Richard the Brave put my business on the map! They make me look good.

    Many of the people I see come by way of the website RtB created for me. Overwhelmingly people comment on the beauty and excellence of my website. I’m never tired of hearing “I love your website”!

    One of the things I appreciated about working with RtB is the extent to which they supported me throughout the stages of the project. Offering suggestions, asking the right questions and making recommendations for me to consider and gave me time to think and rethink my ideas.

    RtB also worked with me to create the very needed business card which I am proud to present. I absolutely recommend RtB, hands down a great Canadian company to work with.

  • Tanya Baxter, K9 Connect

    I absolutely love my website, it represents me and my business perfectly.

    Working with Richard the Brave was easy, and very enjoyable. Communication was quick, they really took the time to understand my needs, and their input and suggestions were very helpful.

    Highly recommend them, couldn’t be happier!

    Tanya Baxter K9 Connect
  • Michelle Gould, Western Driveline

    You guys are amazing and we are so grateful to have you as our web designers!

    Michelle Gould Western Driveline
  • Megan Fredheim, RMT, Mighty Oak RMT

    Richard and Story did such an incredible job on my website and I confidently recommend them to everyone I know. I needed to update and refresh both my website and my branding, while also working more than full-time to keep a business running.

    It was such a huge relief to be able to put my project into their very capable hands. They are so great at figuring out what you want and need then taking that vision and bringing it to life in a website that is beautiful, user-friendly, and effective. They are so talented and do such excellent work.

    Working with Richard the Brave was a breeze and I am so happy with my beautiful new website.

    Megan Fredheim, RMT Mighty Oak RMT

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  • Tanglewood Counselling
    When we were provided with the opportunity to help Dee-Anne brand and market her counselling practice we knew we had to do it right. Striking the right tone and providing the right information were critical on this project.
  • Donnelly Woodworking
    Liam Donnelly is both an expert carpenter and a passionate soul. He came to us looking for a website and logo that reflected his mindful approach, and we connected immediately.
  • K9 Connect
    This website and logo project required a quick turnaround to help a new dog training company get off the ground ASAP. We started from scratch, and still had K9 Connect branded and online in under 4 weeks.